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Location:United States of America

Name: Adam Kaufman
Age: 26
Canon: 24
PB: Zachary Quinto

Adam works as a tech analyst at the Counter Terrorism Unit, and it's doubtful that he has any life outside of that. Actually, no, he doesn't. Sometimes he plays Minesweeper, but that's about the extent of his willingness to have fun. Fun distracts from work, see. Work is important. People can die when work isn't done right. It's one of the downsides of his particular career path.

Adam is overly attached to his computer and gets withdrawal if he's away from it for too long. His computer is his only companion. It understands him. It's always there for him. Please do not touch it without his permission. He'll never give permission, by the way.

Also, he's utterly terrified of kittens. It's not canon, but that's what RP is for.

Muse and mun are over 21.

Interests (19):

being a workaholic, being annoyed, coffee, computers, countering terrorism, data, failing at life, freaking out at kittens, geeking out quietly, hacking, jack bauer, lots of caffeine, minesweeper, not sylar, pretending to be neo, programming, saving the world, snarking at people, tech support
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